Korean girl would like to have interview with Lenny Jackson

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Do you know this pretty girl from Korea? I am sure that no because she is not part of this industry. She works as pop culture journalist and travels a lots around the World to find interesting people for interview. Few days ago she visited well known singer Lenny Jackson. This big guy is known from his big love to young pretty girls. Often he pick them up but this time he needed to do something more. This young woman would like to have long interview with him and guy agreed under one condition. You probably know that his requirement was be able to fuck her tight Korean pussy.

It seems that Jade was a little excited by this guy and it was the reason why it wasn’t big problem for her. I should to say more: her pussy was all wet because she has heard that blackmen have big cocks. She was just very interesting to have one more sexual experience and can share it with her female friends from Korea.

Lenny Jackson was very happy from first sight when saw her. All because she is young pretty women with unique oriental beauty. Additionally he saw that she had been wearing nice dark pantyhose. This all image made from him true stud who will do everything to can fuck her pussy. Fortunately she was very willingly not only for interview but for sex, too.

I have never thought that girls from this country love do it so hard! Without any stops she decided to suck his heavy cock and balls. After this oral time she took of all her clothes and stayed only in her lingerie. She was ready to feel his long snake inside her tight pussy. I suggest to turn on you speakers before playing this movie. Girl is not only beautiful but lovely screaming from delight especially when Lenny is fucking her fast.

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