Cute and slim Ally Tate fucked by big cocked man

Posted On August - 14 - 2016

It is a summer time. Holidays are in progress and young Ally is alone at big home. Sometimes her brother visit her with his best friends. She is a little bored because she has too much of free time. Girl would like to use it and often reads books or hear the music. All her friends are in journeys and they will back no earlier than 7 days time. It is why she needs to find good entertainment. The best option will be finding a boyfriend but she is a little shy. Her brother’s friend is very handsome and she like to talk with him but the biggest problem is that she is older than she!

She saw him today when he visited her brother. Guys are very talkative but she is too shy to join them. Ally look on them from balcony and start dreaming about him. Guy is really handsome, has wonderful muscular body and he is black. To this time she has never seen any dark cock. It is something which make her pussy hot. She needs to do something!

Her fingers are really magic but it seems that it is still not enough for her tight hole. Girl needs something bigger, harder. This thing should give her a lots of fun. But plastic dildo is not so good like true penis. She knows about it very well.

Finally she decided to make first step. It is really hard for her but she has hope that guy will help her with it if she will be attractive for him. Now she is wearing black sexy bikini and looks like 1 million dollars! Girl went to swimming pool and started to talk with guy. It was so fast. After short talk she is kissing him and guy touching her naked breast! It seems that she successfully seduced this guy.

After short fun in the pool couple moved to sleeping room. There is huge comfortable and soft bad when they will do it. Foreplay is important but her pussy and his cock would like be together. It is why foreplay was so short. Next she fucked her over hard and girl screamed from delight. I should to say that she is true gentleman. This time she has left her asshole. Maybe he will fuck this hole later. Check Tushy website for anal scene with this hottie.

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