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This pretty young girl works as a babysitter from few years. To this time she has had a lots of workers but current one is the best one. Her name is Flash Brown and he is very nice. It is a really big pleasure to can talk with him. They work is just beauty. From long time ago she has known that he really like him. And I don’t think now about just good friend but she sees in him great man.

Few days ago this busted girl received special bonus from him. It was additional few hundreds of bucks for good work. She was in 7th heaven and wanted to kiss him. This non everyday situation has changed into something more. Yes, there was kind of spark which made him very close. They started to kiss and finally went to the bedroom. There she first time tried how taste big dark cock. In fact it wasn’t her first time but it gave her a lots of pleasure. Much more that her boyfriend can gives her.

I am pretty sure that it wasn’t their last time. Babysitter Trillium seems to be in love and Flash seems to need young pussy for fuck more than one time per month. He loves his wife but her young pussy is what he needs from time to time.

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