Flash Brown would like to test new singer

Posted On May - 4 - 2015 Star:

Well known recorder look for girls with beautiful voice. Shawna seems to be great solo singer but Flash Brown would like to test her. Her demo tape is not enough. He would like to check her talent better. Guy would like to make from her next idol but exam won’t be easy. Brown will give her own dark microphone and her task will be to play with it.

He is a handsome guy and it is not strange that her pussy got wet instantly. Now she need to load his pal inside her mouth and next counts for more. I am really not sure what this test have common with music production but his long microphone is for her like the most important thing of the moment. She is sucking it like professional whore and not like a singer.

Update 2015-05-24: More photos has been added

After this first oral steps he will be drilled hard by her stud. He will get her from behind and from many other positions. Turn on your speakers. Scene is full of delight voices.

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