Two BBC and one sweet blonde

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On today I have prepared very hot scene with Dakota who will be fucked by two big guys. In fact it has been published few weeks ago but in my opinion is worth of watching, too. In this scene girl will have wonderful time with two strong studs. It was her dream from long time ago. She is just bored by boys from her school because they are inexperienced and don’t know how to fuck a girl. Because of this reason her pussy is hungry of true sex. The best way to give it what it want is pick up more than one guy. For today she has chosen two well hung dark skinned guys. It will be her first time not only with this color of skin but with so huge cocks, too.

I like this video because girl doesn’t want to be fucked from beginning. Foreplay is very important for her and in my opinion of fan of erotica, too. It is just better to watch long scene of gently kisses and next hard sex that fucking without this introduction. In my opinion many of fans of erotica will be more excited then. It is why she first kissing with them outdoor and next changing a place. Indoor atmosphere is more comfortable for all of them and they can fuck in 100%.

First our sweet blonde is sucking dicks. They are strong and hard like steel. It is not easy to menage with two cocks in the same time but she know how to do it. It is why no one is bored by common sex. Next she will be fucked in doggy style. When one of guy will be pumping her from behind second one with opened legs will give her his black cock for sucking. I have to say that watching Dakota James with Jason Brown and Isiah Maxwell is wonderful experience. Take a look on her face during fast drilling: it’s full of ecstasy. Her eyes are so cute and probably many of you in this moment would like to join this threesome. Last moments of this film are cumshots. Jason is shooting in her pussy and Isiah realizing everything on her face.

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